Baoblaze Japanese Bamboo Chasen Scoop Set(Green Tea Whisk) for preparing Matcha Powder

Baoblaze Japanese Bamboo Chasen Scoop Set(Green Tea Whisk) for preparing Matcha Powder

  • Chansen (Bamboo Whisk) is the important tool for whisking Matcha
  • It helps to whisk Matcha powder into frothy lather, brings out the inner mellow of the tea
  • The type of bamboo used to make a matcha whisk is often different, the most common being handcrafted from white bamboo
  • The bamboo matcha scoop is perfect for preparing matcha green tea by the ancient art of the Japanese tea ceremony
  • The scoop is the authentic way to measure matcha for brewing
  • Moroccanoil Treatment Hair Oil, 3.4 oz

  • 3.4 oz
  • Has Argan oil
  • No Alcohol
  • Elgato Stream Deck - Live Content Creation Controller with 15 Customizable LCD Keys, Adjustable Stand, for Windows 10 and macOS 10.13 or Late (10GAA9901)

  • 15 LCD keys: Tap to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and more
  • Fully customizable: Personalize keys with custom icons or choose from hundreds
  • Direct integration: Control game capture, OBS, XSplit, TipeeeStream, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and more
  • Easy setup: Simply drag and drop actions onto keys in the app
  • Unlimited control: Nest folders within folders to store as many actions as you want
  • Hasbro Connect 4 Game

  • Classic Connect 4 game is disc dropping fun
  • Choose yellow or red discs. For 2 players
  • When you get 4 discs in a row you win
  • Includes grid, 2 legs, slider bar, 21 red discs, 21 yellow discs and instructions
  • Knife Sharpening Stone Kit, KERYE Professional Japanese Whetstone Sharpener Stone Set, Premium 4 Side Grit 400/1000 3000/8000 Water Stone, Flattening Stone, Angle Guide, Leather Strop, Anti Cut Gloves

  • 【Super Bundle】Your complete knife sharpening kit comes with two Double Sided Japanese Grit Whetstone 400/1000 & 3000/8000 with beautiful Non Slip bamboo base for holding the waterstone securely during the sharpening process; angle guide holds the knife on the correct angle; leather strop to polish knife and removing burr, flattening stone used for leveling, a pair of cut resistant gloves for protecting your hands, an instruction manual for learning sharpening skills
  • 【Premium Japanese Quality】Quality is of utmost importance to KERYE. Not all sharpening stones are created equal. Behind the Sakai KERYE brand is 600 plus years of knife-making history by skilled craftsmen of Sakai City, Osaka. Originally famous for the production of Samurai swords, the makers in Sakai take pride in their work and never compromise on quality. We only source premium quality material for the manufacturing of our KERYE Whetstone which will provide superior sharpening performance
  • 【Razor Sharp Results】There is an old saying: A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife. With finely polished razor-sharp edges using KERYE premium whetstone, your knives will need less force to get through, giving you more control, reducing stress, preventing injuries to your wrist and hand. With sharp knives, you can finely cut and properly chop veggies & meat allowing the cooking method to penetrate deeper, adding great texture, aroma and flavor to your tasty and appealing dishes
  • 【Safe & Easy to Use】A dedicated bamboo base, non-slip rubbers are attached to stabilize the whetstone firmly. A pair of cut-resistant gloves can protect your hand from cuts. With the angle guide, you can stabilize the correct angle of the knife when sharpening, and even beginners can easily sharpen the knife neatly. The user manual with pictures is simple and clear in order to help you to use. KERYE Whetstone can be easily cleaned with water, no need of expensive sharpening or honing oils
  • 【So Many Usage】KERYE professional knife sharpener stone is profoundly tough and durable. This whetstone set can sharp any blade such as home kitchen knife set, Pro Chef knife, Steak knife, Bbq knife, Sushi knife, Japanese knife, Santoku knife, Paring knife, Cleaver knife, Butcher knife, Fruit knife, Hunting knife, Pocket knife, Scissor, Chisel, and Blade. This whetstone sharpener set is also a great exquisite gift idea for your friends and family who loves cooking
  • Benadryl Ultratabs Antihistamine Allergy Relief Tablets, Diphenhydramine HCl 25mg, 100 ct

  • 100-count pack of Benadryl Ultratabs Antihistamine Allergy Relief Tablets each containing 25 mg of the antihistamine diphenhydramine HCl for allergy relief that works when you need it most
  • Active ingredient, diphenhydramine HCl, provides relief for hay fever or other upper respiratory allergy symptoms and cold symptoms like sneezing and runny nose
  • Works when you need it most with an allergy medicine in small, convenient antihistamine tablets that put your allergies to rest
  • Provides allergy medicine for sneezing; runny nose; itchy nose or throat; and itchy, watery eyes and cold symptoms like sneezing and runny nose
  • Allergy medicine tablets for multi-symptom allergy relief intended to be used by adults and children ages six and up for relief of both indoor and outdoor allergies
  • PETORO Plant-based Compostable Dog Poop Pet Waste Bags, Green, Unscented, Leak-proof, ASTM D6400 D6866 BPI EN13432 Certified, 60 count expandable 11" x 13.4"

  • PLANT BASED COMPOSTABLE BAGS: PETORO Pet waste bags are plant-based (PLA + PBAT + Cornstarch) and breaks down in just 90 days. Help reduce the plastic pollution in our oceans, waterways, and landfills by using PETORO Pet waste bags. We can take care of our planet together!
  • CERTIFICATES: Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) under US standard ASTM D6400 D6866 Certified OK Compost Home under European standard EN 13432 by Vinçotte and Tüv Austria
  • HEAVYWEIGHT & LEAK-PROOF & UNSCENTED PETORO Pet waste bags are extra-thick (20 microns) and high quality
  • EXTRA LARGE: Gusseted sides expand to bags to 11" x 13.4" - perfect for small to large breeds alike. Handles and larger capacity allow for bundling at top to keep hands clean and waste contained.
  • GIVING BACK : PETORO's donates a portion of all profits to non-profit animal shelters and rescue centers. We receive endless love from our pets and feel that same love should be given back to animals in need. Each purchase makes a difference
  • Baseball Cap Japanese Truth Embroidery Foreign Languages Hebrew Acrylic Hats for Men & Women Strap Closure Black Design Only

  • MATERIAL QUALITY: Take your outfit to the next level with our 100% acrylic 6 panels mid-profile structured baseball hat that provides maximum comfort. Fits men and women!
  • HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE: Our hats for women and men feature a strap closure in the back letting you easily adjust the size for a perfect fit.
  • PRE-CURVED BILL: Our mens hat and womens hats feature a well-made pre-curved bill to protect you from the sun and prevent dazzle. You can now play your favorite sport without being bothered by the sun!
  • ANTI-SWEAT BAND: Stay fresh and dry with our golf hat featuring an anti-sweat band. Exercise and play your favorite sports without having sweat running consistently into your eyes anymore!
  • UNIQUE DESIGNS AND FUN GRAPHICS: We put a lot of thought and time in the design or our women and mens hats. We are proud to offer you our best selection and variety of Foreign Languages hats and Hebrew baseball caps.
  • Chalait Everyday Ceremonial Grade Matcha - Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder - For Sipping as Tea - Antioxidants, Sustainable Energy, No Additives, Radiation Free, Zero Sugar [30g Tin]

  • FINEST CEREMONIAL MATCHA: Our ceremonial grade matcha is harvested from its place of origin in Uji, the finest producer of matcha in Japan. The tea leaves are hand-picked during the first harvest in spring. Our matcha tea is ordered in small batches and ground fresh to order which allows you to experience the matcha in its freshest form.
  • FROM FARM TO CUP: What sets Chalait apart is how we source our matcha. While other tea shops order matcha from importers, we know that the finest tea rarely gets into the hands of middlemen. So we began sourcing premium matcha directly from its place of origin in Uji, a region revered as the finest producer of matcha in Japan. Over the years, we have forged relationships with farmers all over Japan who supply us with the highest quality of matcha tea.
  • TASTE PROFILE: Enjoy the smooth mellow flavor, with inviting hints of bittersweet chocolate, cacao nibs and honeydew with a subtly sweet lingering finish. Our ceremonial grade matcha offers a complexity of flavors with a rich aroma.
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Our ceremonial grade matcha is best enjoyed as matcha tea or matcha latte. The matcha tea is prepared using approximately half a teaspoon of matcha and 2-3 oz of hot water per serving. Whisk the matcha briskly in a “W” motion until the matcha has a thick froth with many tiny bubbles on the surface. To make matcha latte, simply add the steamed milk of your choice to the matcha tea.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Matcha is packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCG. One serving of matcha contains significantly more antioxidants than goji berries, broccoli, chlorella or spirulina. Matcha also boosts metabolism, calms the mind, enhances mood, aids concentration, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, and detoxifies effectively and naturally. Matcha tea is an easy and simple way to add powerful health benefits to your everyday diet.
  • Oozmas Compatible Label Tape Replacement for Brother Ptouch 12mm 0.47 Inch Laminated Black on White TZ Tape TZe-231 Compatible with P Touch D400 D210 1280 1800 1880 1900 Label Maker Tape, 4 Pack

  • Compatible with brother p touch labeler tape TZ231, TZ231s, TZ-231, TZe-231, TZE231
  • Replacement for brother label maker refills 12mm durable laminated tapes: temperature, fade, water resistant. Won't leave residue behind when peeled off most surfaces. Won't smudge or smear
  • Idea for labeling items where you need some information, like cups, DVDs, light switches, file folders, containers, cables, flowerpot, etc.
  • Use with: PT-D210, PT-D400, PT-D400AD, PT-E500, PT-D600, PT-D600VP, PT-P700, PT-P750W, PT-1230PC, PT-2700, PT-2110,GL-100, PT-1000, PT-1000BM, PT-1010, PT-1010B, PT-1010NB, PT-1010R, PT-1010S, PT-1090, PT-1090BK, PT-1100, PT1100SB, PT-1100SBVP, PT-1100ST, PT-1120, PT-1130, PT-1160, PT-1170, PT-1180, PT-1190, PT-11Q, PT-1200, PT-1280, PT-1280SR, PT-1280VP, PT-128AF, PT-1290, PT-1290BT, PT-1290BT2, PT-1290RS, PT-1300, PT-1400, PT-1500, PT-1500PC, PT-1600, PT-1700, PT-1750
  • PT-1800, PT-1810, PT-1830, PT-1830C, PT-1830SC, PT-1830VP, PT-1880C, PT-1880SC, PT-1880W, PT-1890C, PT-1890SC, PT-1890W, PT-18R, PT-18RKT PT-1900, PT-1910, PT-1950, PT-1960, PT-200, PT-2030, PT-2030AD, PT-2030VP, PT-2100, PT-2200, PT-2210, PT-2300, PT-2310, PT-2400, PT-2410, PT-2430PC, PT-2500PC, PT-2600, PT-2610, PT-2710, PT-2730, PT-2730VP, PT-300, PT-300B, PT-310, PT-310B, PT-320, PT-330, PT-340, PT-350, PT-3600, PT-4000, PT-520, PT-530, PT-540 etc. For more, please see the description below