Full Spectrum Aquarium Light, Adjustable Saltwater Freshwater Super Bright Fish Tank Light for Reef, Coral, Planted Nano Aquarium Tank (Saltwater S20)

Full Spectrum Aquarium Light, Adjustable Saltwater Freshwater Super Bright Fish Tank Light for Reef, Coral, Planted Nano Aquarium Tank (Saltwater S20)

  • RF REMOTE CONTROLLER: 4 programmable channels to customize spectrum easily and 360° adjustable rustproof gooseneck, both 60 and 180 degree optical lens are supplied.
  • WIFI CONTROL TECHNOLOGY: Wifi controller doesn’t contains in the package. Please purchase it separately. Using wifi Controller can adjust multi lights on iPhone or Android phone, (One wifi controller just using for one light). 4 programmable channels timing and dimming. Thunder storm, moonlight, sunrise, sunset, cloud simulation. One wifi controller just use for one light.
  • SOLID QUALITY COB BUlBS: Super bright nano led aquarium light, COB Multi-color LED provides evenly-distributed illumination,strong penetrability, energy efficient and full spectrum to produce amazing illumination effect for marine aquarium.
  • WIDELY RANGE FOR TANK: Diameter 2.7 inches/7.0cm, suitable for 8"~18"(45 cm) long saltwater tank. Plug and play, easy installation for fish tank.
  • WIFI CONTROLLER: Wifi controller doesn’t contains in the package, please purchase it separately. 4 programmable channels timing, dimming and other functions. One wifi controller just use for one light.
  • NICREW 12-18in 9W Freshwater LED Aquarium Light, Full Spectrum Fish Tank Light with Timer - Adjustable Color Spectrum and Auto On and Off, IP67

  • Soft light, the color rendering index is 90, close to natural light, refuses the discomfort caused by the stroboscopic. High-quality 2835 LED module, long service life, at least 35,000 hours
  • ① Press M to select 3 timer modes(8 hours/ 10 hours/ 12 hours), built-in gentle sunrise and sunset. ②Brightness and color spectrum adjustable: press W to select the brightness of white and red light from 5% to 100%; Press B to adjust the brightness of the blue light from 0% to 100%
  • IP67 waterproof - no need to worry about splashes or other accidental drops of water. This waterproof LED light can be used with most glass canopy or light hood
  • The length of the brackets is adjustable, easy to install for most kinds of freshwater tanks. Also, the new sleek aluminum alloy shell helps good heat dissipation
  • LED chip with a 120° angle can provide the ideal dispersion and color mixing. Designed to support the growth of plants with low to medium light levels
  • NICREW SkyLED Plus Aquarium Light for Planted Tanks, Full Spectrum Freshwater Fish Tank Light, Light Brightness and Spectrum Adjustable with External Controller, 30-36 Inches, 30 Watts

  • Super bright 6500K white LEDs combine with 450nm blue and 660nm red LEDs, creating the full spectrum lighting effect
  • Adjustable day and moonlight color spectrum and intensity with the wired switch on the power cord, day and night lighting channels can be operated together or independently for endless color modes
  • Adjustable docking legs allow quick and easy adjustments for a wide variety of installations, equipped with the brackets to extend to 30 - 36 inches
  • LED light designed to brighten up your aquatic environment, ideal for freshwater and medium-high light level plants, help support and grow plant
  • A glass or acrylic canopy is highly recommended to extend the life of the unit by preventing moisture from affecting it
  • UEETEK LED Aquarium Light, Adjustable Full Spectrum Fish Tank Lamp, White and Blue LEDs, Size 15 to 23 inch, 12 Watts

  • TWO LIGHTING MODES - White and Blue LEDs for daylight and Blue LEDs for nightlight. The led aquarium light can effectively stimulate the photosynthesis of plants and increase the rate of survival.
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS - The fish tank light has 24 LEDs to make sure high brightness and color rendering without flicking. Super safe LEDs also making them super safe for fish tank plants and fishes.
  • ENERGY-SAVING - High efficiency, low power consumption. Long lasting LEDs to produce amazing lighting effect to your aquarium. It can save more of your effort and money.
  • EXTENDABLE BRACKETS - Adjustable metal brackets to fit tank which length from 15 inches to 23 inches and glass less than 3 inch thickness.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE - Removable mounting legs allow for flexibility in tightly fitting aquarium. Just install the LED aquarium light on the top of fish tank and plug into the power.
  • LVYTECH Fish Tank Light, Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with Timer, Adjustable Brightness Extendable Brackets for 12''-17'' Fish Tank

  • [Timing Function] Built in timing function, no need to purchasing an additional timer. It has three choices of 6 hours, 10 hours, and 12 hours. Once the setup has completed, the fish light will be automatically turn on and off completely everyday.
  • [Brightness Adjustment] With the brightness adjusting function, you can adjust the brightness of the LED Aquarium Light from 10% to 100% (10 levels), not only protects the fish but also protects our eyes.
  • [3 Light Modes] This led tank light has 3 light modes, simulating daylight, moonlight and sunrise sunset, it meet natural cycles of life and beneficial to the healthy growth of pets and plants in the aquarium.
  • [Unique Safety Design] 40% widened aluminum alloy metal shell, 2X the heat dissipation effect, better and more effective protection of the light board.
  • [Long Life & Power Saving & Environmental Protection] The brightness of 30 LED lamp beads(5730) is 50% higher than normal lamp beads, and the light is bright and soft. The life span is up to 100,000 hours, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  • Feshen LED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light with Timer DIY Mode Adjustable Brackets, Full Spectrum Planted Aquarium Lights, for Plants Fish Tank Freshwater, 18-24 Inch

  • Perfect Aquarium Viewing: This led aquarium light energy and power saving, light translucent, wider irradiation range, simulating natural light, will be more realistic color performance, aquatic plants and fish have a better viewing effect, fish tank light input voltage is AC100-240V, output voltage is DC 15V/24W.
  • Favorable for Plant and Fish Growth: The plant aquarium light is arranged by full-spectrum high-quality LED lamp beads, which simulates natural light, so that the aquatic plants have enough photosynthesis to grow better. The aquarium lights has no flicker, which protects your eyes and protects the fish from fright.
  • Premium Quality: This fish tank light is made of thickened aluminum for good heat dissipation and insulation, IP68 waterproof, which can prevent water from entering the circuit and burning out. Both ends of the plant aquarium light are made of adjustable metal brackets, which are strong and durable, suitable for 18-24 inches or 10-20 gallons freshwater fish tank.
  • Multiple Modes & RGB Color Temperature Adjustment:Feshen aquarium light with LCD display, using built-in timer to simulate sunrise, sunset time and night light mode, creating the most natural viewing effect. 7 color changes, DIY mode can set 8 time periods and 10 brightness levels, which can be adjusted according to the surrounding environment.
  • Quality Customer Service: Package includes 1x aquarium light, 1x adapter, 2x stand, 1x user manual. Please check the items you received. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we can help you quickly and efficiently.
  • hygger Auto On Off LED Aquarium Light, Full Spectrum Fish Tank Light with LCD Monitor, 24/7 Lighting Cycle, 7 Colors, Adjustable Timer, IP68 Waterproof, 3 Modes for 12"-18" Freshwater Planted Tank

  • ☘️【Upgraded High-quality LED Light】This aquarium light uses WRGB lamp beads. The three primary colors are scientifically adjusted to simulate natural light without flickering. It not only promotes the growth of water plants, but also makes water looks more sparkly clean and the color of the water plants is lifelike. Suitable for freshwater fish and aquarium plants, not for saltwater use
  • ☘️【Three Programmable Usage Modes】The DIY mode has 8 time periods, covering 24 hours, the start time, end time, light color and brightness of each time period can be set freely according to your preferences. The brightness of the white light in day mode can be set from 10% to 100%. Light color of night mode can be set to one of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. The time of day mode and night mode can be set freely
  • ☘️【Good Waterproof and Heat Dissipation】 Optimized lamp body design. Full sealed process protects the device from humidity and water intruction, IP68 waterproof rating, no need to worry about splashing or accidentally falling into the water. 1.2mm premium aluminum shell provides more effective heat transfer, no fan and low voltage DC adapter, safe to use and energy saving
  • ☘️【Wired Controller with LCD Monitor】The controller has a clock on it to keep time for the 24 hour settings. When the time is up, the light will turn on or off automatically. You can see the current time, current mode, running start time or running end time, current light color and brightness on the LCD display. There are six setting buttons to ensure a more convenient and fast setting of the working mode you want
  • ☘️【What You Get】Comes with everything you need: 1 x LED light with controller, 1 x AC/DC adapter, 2 x adjustable metal brackets, 1 x user manual. The 14W aquarium light has 32 white lamp beads, 4 red lamp beads, 2 green lamp beads, 8 blue lamp beads and 12 RGB lamp beads
  • JC&P Full Spectrum Aquarium LED Adjustable Clip on Light with Red, Green, Blue and White LEDs Aquatic Fish Tank Light with Dimmer, Timer, Color Modes and Control 10"

  • 【UL Certified and Full Spectrum】Electric Power is UL ceritified which make it 100% safe for aquarium hobby. Super bright Full Spectrum, Energy Efficient and Long-Lasting LED lights WITH White, Blue, Green and Red LEDs
  • 【Customize Color and Brightness】W button adjust White and Green LEDs from 10%-100% brightness. B button adjust Blue and Red LEDs from 10%-100% brightness.
  • 【Built in Timer and 3 Color Modes】you can set light timing to 6, 10 and 12 hours timers. (Full Spectrum Mode): White, Red, Blue and Green. (Nightlight Mode): Blue and Red. (Whitelight Mode): White and Green
  • 【Clip on 360o Adjustable Mounting Bracket】Light is 10” Long and 2" Wide (25.5x5 cm), Suitable for Aquarium from 8" - 12" long // Fits Standard Aquarium Size 2.5 Gallon, 5 Gallon
  • 【Ultra-thin Aluminum Alloy Shell】which makes it Strong, Durable and Lightweight. Allows heat dissipation to extend the lifespan of the LEDs. We offer 6 Months Warranty
  • BeamsWork Vivio Full Spectrum LED Timer Adjustable Dimmer Aquarium Fish Tank Light Freshwater 12 20 24 30 36 48 (20" - 24")

  • High lumen output and High LED count for a super crisp and bright aquarium light.
  • 5 levels of adjustable brightness.
  • 3 output patterns for different settings and preference.
  • 3 timer duration for auto shut off. Set and go.
  • Aluminum casing. Extendable brackets. Light Weight. Low Profile.
  • Lominie Full Spectrum Aquarium Light, Adjustable Saltwater Freshwater Super Bright Fish Tank Light for Reef, Coral, Planted Nano Aquarium Tank (Freshwater Asta 20)

  • ADJUSTMENT SYSTERM: Manual dimmer switch to dim the light from 0% to max. 360° adjustable rustproof gooseneck, the clamp is wide enough for 25mm thick glass, plastic screws won’t scratch the tank glass.
  • SUPERIOR CRI: COB LED provides equally-distributed illumination, strong penetrability, energy efficient and slim body to produce amazing illumination effect for planted tank.
  • SOLID ALUMINUM HOUSING: Diameter 2.7 inches/7.0cm, suitable for 8"~18"(45 cm) long tank. Default 180 optical lens, plus an optional 60 degree lens for narrower tank; Excellent for freshwater and planted aquarium setups.
  • HEAT DISSIPATION: Asta 20 aquarium led lamp uses quality aluminum cold forging heat sink, efficient cooling system to extend the lifespan of the LEDs.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: 12 months long-time friendly service for any trouble of our lights. Welcome to ask any questions of light, we will do our best to help you. All lamps at this site are only suitable for 110v voltage.