VLT-HC7000LP Replacement Lamp with Housing for Mitsubishi Projector HC6500 HC7000

VLT-HC7000LP Replacement Lamp with Housing for Mitsubishi Projector HC6500 HC7000

  • 200 days warranty and 30 days 100% Money Back Guarantee; Only Artki is responsible for the warranty and the item description.
  • 100% Brand new replacement projector lamp with housing VLT-HC7000LP for MITSUBISHI projector
  • Compatible with MITSUBISHI HC6500 HC7000.
  • All lamps will be tested before ship to customers.
  • All messages will be replied within 24 hours and life-time friendly customer service.
  • Replacement Lamp VLT-HC7000LP / 915D116O12 for Mitsubishi Projector with a Ushio Bulb Inside housing

  • Diamond Lamp For MITSUBISHI HC6500, HC7000 Projector
  • Manufacturer: Diamond Lamps
  • Diamond Lamps: This Diamond Lamps replacement projector lamp combines the identical bulb installed in the Original Manufacturer’s (OEM) lamp with a new cage. The exacting standards put into component selection and manufacture means a Diamond Lamp will deliver identical performance to the OEM lamp but at a noticeably lower price. Supported by a 12-month warranty
  • CTLAMP A+ Quality VLT-HC7000LP / 915D116O12 Professional Replacement Lamp Bulb with Housing Compatible with Mitsubishi HC6500 HC6500U HC7000 HC7000U

  • 💡 Lamp Type: A+ Quality Replacement Lamp with Housing
  • 💡 Part number: VLT-HC7000LP / 915D116O12
  • 💡 Model number: Compatible with MITSUBISHI HC6500 HC6500U HC7000 HC7000U
  • 💡 Wattage & Lifespan: 160 (normal) / 130 (economy) Watts ; Up to 2500 (normal) / 3000(economy) hours Life
  • 💡 Guarantee: 30 days Refund & 180 days Warranty; Professional customer service support. Any other problems with the projector lamp, please contact us
  • Watoman VLT-HC7000LP Original Replacement Projector Lamp with Complete Housing for Mitsubishi HC4900 HC4900W HC5000 HC6500 HC6500U HC7000 HC7000U Projectors

  • VLT-HC7000LP Genuine Original Bulb with Complete Housing (Professional Series)
  • Fit for : MITSUBISHI HC4900 HC4900W HC5000 HC6500 HC6500U HC7000 HC7000U
  • Bulb Characters : Lamp Power 160w ;Easy Installation; 2000~3000 hrs Lifetime usage;Brightness Performance
  • Guarantee: 30 days Refund and 180 days replacement warranty.
  • Gzwog VLT-HC5000LP/VLT-HC7000LP/RLC-032 Replacement Projector Lamp Bulb with Housing for Mitsubishi HC4900 HC5000 HC5000BL HC5500 HC6000 HC6050 HC6500 HC7000 and for Viewsonic Pro8100 HD9900

  • *Gzwog Replacement Lamp Fit for projector:Mitsubishi HC4900 Mitsubishi HC5000 Mitsubishi HC5000BL Mitsubishi HC5500 Mitsubishi HC6000 Mitsubishi HC6000BL Mitsubishi HC6050 Mitsubishi HC6500 Mitsubishi HC7000; Viewsonic Pro8100 Viewsonic HD9900
  • *Gzwog provides high quality, high brightness, long life, good stability, original brightness, accurate matching Projector Lamp.
  • *Gzwog Lamp's lifetime approximately 2500-3000 hours and 180 days warranty.
  • *Gzwog Lamp's must be tested before delivery, please feel free to use it.
  • *Gzwog provide the best quality return service and friendly customer service, all messages will be answered as soon as possible.
  • AuraBeam Projector Replacement Lamp VLT-HC7000LP with Original Bulb and Generic Housing for Mitsubishi HC6500/ HC7000 Projector

  • Aurabeam Projector solutions. From the economic to the professional versions our lamps ensure great quality
  • Professional Series: High end quality option for your projector.Bring back the day one brightness of your Device.
  • Easy install: Housing included, minimize installation time to make sure your device is back in action!
  • Contact: Do you have an issue or question regarding the lamp or the compatibility of your device? Email us, our Customer Service is here to help you.
  • User Protection: The Professional series lamps include a 180 day replacement warranty and a 30 day refund warranty
  • AWO Original Projector Lamp Bulb VLT-HC5000LP / VLT-HC7000LP / RLC-032 with Housing Fit for Mitsubishi HC4900,HC5000,HC500BL,HC5500,HC6000,HC6000/BL,HC6050,HC6500,HC7000 for VIEWSONIC Pro8100,HD9900

  • ✔ For USHIO NSH200-160W Premium Projector Lamp Bulb with Housing
  • ✔ Fit for MITSUBISHI HC4900,HC5000,HC500BL,HC5500,HC6000,HC6000/BL,HC6050,HC6500,HC7000 for VIEWSONIC Pro8100,HD9900
  • ✔ The Professional Replacement Lamp Provides Clear And Bright And Sharp Pictures For Home Theater, School Presentation, Business Meeting etc
  • ✔ AWO is Responsible For All The Item Descriptions And Coming With 180 Days Warranty And Lamp Lifetime About 2000-3000hours
  • ✔ All Lamps Will Be Test Before Delivery, All Messages Will Be Respond Within 24hours, Excellent Return Service And Friendly Customer Service
  • AuraBeam Professional Replacement Projector Lamp for Mitsubishi VLT-HC7000LP with Housing (Powered by Ushio)

  • No Risk. Long lasting bright premium quality original manufacturer bulb ensures 100% satisfaction
  • Easy installation, minimizes installation time to make sure your device is back in action!
  • Brand new high quality replacement bulb, brighter & sharper picture with plastic housing especially made to fit your projector/ TV
  • All Original Lamps are manufactured to ISO9001 standards and come complete with a comprehensive 180 day warranty and a 30 day refund warranty
  • CTLAMP VLT-HC5000LP A+ Quality Replacement Lamp with Housing Compatible with Mitsubishi HC4900 HC5000 HC5000(BL) HC5500 HC6000 HC6000(BL) HC4900W

  • 💡High-Quality Lampwick : Use A+ quality lampwick, 160 Watts long-term stable light output, 4000-4500 hours long time lifetime, Only a little brightness decreases during the Entire Lifetime, continuously provide bright, clear picture.
  • 💡Part number & Compatible Modules: Part number VLT-HC5000LP / 915D116O10, Compatible with Mitsubishi HC4900 HC5000 HC5000(BL) HC5500 HC6000 HC6000(BL) HC4900W.
  • 💡Convenient Installation: Only have a few parts and have detailed installation instructions, You needn’t worry about installation, we will include a pair of gloves to prevent the lamp from falling out during installation. if you have any questions you can ask our professional after-sales team, they will happy to help you!
  • 💡Quality Control: We are very concerned about the quality of our products and customer's shopping experience, All lamps we will test before delivery, If there have damage to shipped, we will resend the product to ensure the customers receive high quality products.
  • 💡Guarantee: 30 days free Refund & 150 days Warranty, If you have any problem when using our product, you can send us an email or leave us a Q&A, our after-sales team will help.
  • Emazne VLT-HC7000LP/VLT-HC5000LP Projector Replacement Compatible Lamp with Housing Work for Mitsubishi HC5500 Mitsubishi HC6000 ViewSonic PRO8100 HC6500U HC7000U HC77-60D Viewsonic HD9900/Pro8100

  • All items are 100% New. And will be packaged in good condition before dispatch.
  • Premium Quality, High Brightness, Long Life High Quality Replacement Projector Lamp.
  • Models : Fit For Mitsubishi HC4900 Mitsubishi HD4900 Mitsubishi HC5000 Mitsubishi HC5500 Mitsubishi HC6000 ViewSonic PRO8100 HC6500 HC6500U HC7000 HC7000U HC77-60D HC77 60D HC7760D Viewsonic HD9900 Viewsonic Pro8100