Neoprene Rubber Sheet Rolls Strips 1 8 125 Thick X 4 Wide X 10 Long Solid Rubber

Neoprene Rubber Sheet Rolls Strips 1 8 125 Thick X 4 Wide X 10 Long Solid Rubber

Neoprene Rubber Sheet, Solid Rubber Sheets, Rolls & Strips for DIY Gaskets, Crafts, Pads, Flooring, Protection, Supports, Leveling, Anti-Vibration, Anti-Slip (1" Wide x 1/8" Thick x 10' Long)

  • 【Solid Rubber Sheets, Rolls & Strips】This rubber sheet is made of insulating material neoprene and smooth surfaces on both sides, good flexible, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, aging resistance and long-lasting.
  • 【Oil Resistance and Sealing】It has good oil resistance and sealing performance when working in oils such as engine oil, diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil and other environments or water.
  • 【Multi-Function Rubber Sheet】Designed for industrial and commercial use. Widely used in DIY gaskets, pads, crafts, cushioning of anti-vibration, supports, etc. It can also be used as a cushion to protect the floor with its cushioning properties.
  • 【Flexible and Durable】The flexible solid neoprene rubber has excellent durability, it can effectively resist the temperature from external too cold or hot, and also has flame retardant properties.
  • 【Easy to Cut】It is easy to cut into any shape or size you need with a blade or scissors, very suitable for any DIY project. It can also replace damaged rubber products of the same type.
  • XFasten Neoprene Sponge Foam Rubber Sheet Roll, Black, 1/4-Inch Thick, 12 Inches x 55 Inches, Neoprene Padding Sheet for Sealing, DIY Gasket, Cosplay Costume, Craft, and Tool Chest Liner

  • Non-absorbent and waterproof Neoprene foam sheet that repels liquids, vapor and odor. Ideal Tool Chest Liner or for weather stripping, gasket, sealing, sound deadening.
  • Closed-cell Neoprene Sponge Foam Sheet Roll sheet absorbs impact EMPOWERING the AVERAGE AMERICAN with little to no experience in repair to create PROFESSIONAL set-ups for sealing. It is made to take a beating!
  • This Neoprene Rubber Foam for cosplay costume withstands unnecessary tearing while still being easy to cut, bend and customize for costumes and props.
  • Weatherproof Neoprene foam cell withstands harsh weather, UV, and heat, enabling it to be an all-around rubber padding solution. This Sponge Foam is built to take a beating!
  • Insulates temperature well, preventing drafts and heat loss- excellent door insulator seal strip for trucks, buildings, and automotive equipment.
  • Neoprene Rubber Sheet, Rolls, Strips 1/16" (.062") Thick x 4" Wide x 10' Long Solid Rubber

  • [Super High Quality Rubber] – Rubber Sheet Warehouse is a leading global distributor of rubber products with over 30 years of experience. Our rubber is manufactured right here in the USA and our quality is second-to-none. We fulfill orders for all shapes and quantities.
  • [Strong, Durable, Flexible] – Our rubber is prized for its exceptional durability, stretch, and strength. It remains firm and flexible in a wide range of temperatures and conditions, making it suitable for almost any imaginable use.
  • [DIY Projects Galore] – Easily cut these rubber sheets into DIY gaskets, pads, seals, crafts, and much more! Rubber is used in almost everything these days – prized for its long life, cushioning, water-proof qualities and flexibility.
  • [Cut Down On Noise] – Prevent unwanted vibration in your stereo, on furniture and washing and drying machines. Rubber is the best material in the entire world for absorbing impact and vibration.
  • [Superior Sealant & Protectant] – Our rubber sheets can be used to seal plumbing, insulate electrical wires, and even protect your hardwood floors with its cushioning properties.
  • TORRAMI Neoprene Rubber Sheet Roll 1/8 (.125) Inch Thick x 12 Inch Wide x 48 Inch Long for DIY Gaskets, Pads, Seals, Crafts, Flooring,Cushioning of Anti-Vibration, Anti-Slip

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL:This neoprene rubber sheet roll is NOT sponge or foam,it is Solid Rubber.The Rubber sheet Strip is black in color and smooth on both sides.
  • STRONG DURABLE:Neoprene one of the first oil resistant synthetic rubbers.The Rubber Seal Solid strip is exceptional durability, stretch, and strength. It remains firm and flexible in a wide range of temperatures and conditions,suitable for wide use.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Rubber sheet for DIY gaskets, pads, seals, crafts, flooring,cushioning of anti-vibration, anti-slip.It is applications include belting,sound-proofing. with long lasting and resistant to abrasion and oils. can be used to seal plumbing,and even protect your floors with its cushioning properties.
  • ESAY TO CUT:The rubber sheet 1/8 inch thick, it is easy to customize and cut to size with scissors or blade,and bend easily into any shape,great for any DIY project.
  • GUARANTEE: Our products and services will give you 100% satisfaction. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • NABOWAN Solid Rubber Sheets,Strips,Rolls 1/4" (.250") Thick x 12" Wide x 12" Long Neoprene Rubber Mat

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Our rubber sheets is Solid Neoprene Rubber with smooth sides and black color. This neoprene rubber has excellent material properties that you would expect from rubber.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMPATIBILITY: Our rubber strips 1/4" thick is a raw material. It can replace the same type of damaged rubber. It is easy to cut and only needs a pair of scissors to fit any DIY project.
  • EXCELLENT DURABILITY: The combination of rubber rolls and metal makes it wear-resistant, which can reduce unnecessary friction between the objects. What’s more, it can protect its resistant oils shock absorption, wear resistance, skid resistance and noise reduction.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Our rubber remains firm and flexible when used at a wide range of temperatures, which is famous for its long service life, cushioning, sealing wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, impact-resistant, waterproof, anticorrosive, insulating,flexible and other functions.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Making customers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from shopping experience with 180-days warranty and friendly customer service. Please feel free to contact us for any pre-sale or after-sale service.
  • Rubber Sheet Warehouse .125" (1/8") Thick x 3" Wide x 10' Feet -Neoprene Rubber Strip Commercial Grade 65A, Smooth Finish, Solid Rubber, Perfect for Weather Stripping, Gasket, Costume & DIY Projects

  • Our rubber is prized for its exceptional durability, stretch, and strength
  • Our rubber sheets can be used to seal plumbing, insulate electrical wires, and even protect your hardwood floors with its cushioning properties
  • Prevent unwanted vibration in your stereo, on furniture and washing and drying machines
  • Easily cut these rubber sheets into DIY gaskets, pads, seals, crafts, and much more
  • Neoprene Rubber Strips Solid Rubber Rolls Neoprene Solid Rubber Sheet for DIY Gasket, Warehouse, Pads, Seals, Weather Stripping, Crafts, Flooring, Supports. (W:1In x T: 1/8In x L: 10Ft)

  • ✔【Superior Rubber Material】The Neoprene Rubber Sheet Roll made of high quality solid rubber material are different form sponge or foam strips, which is smooth on both sides, non-toxic, durable and environment-friendly. They can remain firm and flexible in extreme temperature conditions from -50°~150°, making them suitable for almost any use.
  • ✔【Stand wear and tear】Our Rubber Sheet Strip is praised for its exceptional durability, strength and stretch, which is designed for long time use and can remain firm and flexible in various extreme conditions. It is widely used in house, commercial area, industry and perfect for daily use.
  • ✔【Powerful Rubber Seal Solid Strip】The Rubber Sheet Warehouse is non-absorbent, buffered, weather proof, oil resistant, corrosion resistant, shock-absorbent, dustproof, soundproof, heat insulating, anti-skid, resistant to high and low temperatures, It is an ideal choice for gasket and insulation projects.
  • ✔【Flexible & Easy To Cut】The Rubber Seal Strips are flexible and adjustable, which can be easily trimmed into the perfect size with a scissor or a razor to fit your need and bent easily into any shape you want, especially suitable for DIY! (Note: The Neoprene Rubber Strips Roll is not equipped with adhesive).
  • ✔【Wide Application】These Heavy Duty Rubber Strips are designed for gasket creation, plumbing sealing, vibration reduction, floor cushioning, electric insulation, water insulation, hammering protection and sound reduction, widely used in various doors and windows, electrical cabinets, wires, cars, speakers, toys, DIY gaskets, pads, seals, crafts, flooring, sports equipment and so on.
  • MAGZO Multifunctional Sponge Neoprene Foam, 1/8 Inch Thickness x 12 Inch Width x 59 Inch Length Rubber Sheet & Roll with Adhesive, Foam Rubber Mat Use in Foam Insulation, Garage mat

  • Product Features-- Neoprene is a non-crosslinked closed cell structure and is a new environmentally friendly packaging material. 59*12*1/8 large size, good sealing performance, no deformation, can be used within the temperature range of -50℃ - 150℃
  • Shock Absorption & Buffering--The thick dense sponge foam is perfect for providing cushion or padding. As a car carpet, the garage side protection, effectively protect your car. Used as an audio cushion and toolbox lining to reduce noise.
  • Non-slip & waterproof - neoprene closed-cell structure makes our foam anti-slip and waterproof perfect. Use it in your cabin and deck, no longer have to worry about the damage caused by slipping. Wrapped in your fuel tank and motor to effectively insulate.
  • DIY& project--Foam rubber sheet is used for clothing, role playing, and interior decoration. Make great art and craft projects! Cut out the right size to fit under your furniture and protect your floor. As your floor, your pet will love to stay on the foam rubber sheet.
  • Adhesive Installation Instructions--The back of the Craft foam roll will be covered with a layer of white release paper. When installed, the surface release paper will be removed and adhered to the surface where the product needs to be sealed. The adhesive surface is dedusted, degreased, water-free, and the adhesive surface is flat.
  • Dualplex Neoprene Sponge Foam Rubber Sheet Roll, 15 X 60 Inch X 1/8" Thick, Perfect Cosplay Padding, DIY Project Sheet - Easy Cut Non-Adhesive Multi-Function Soundproof Rubber Foam Sheet

  • [GREAT INSULATION FOAM] The neoprene sponge foam sheet roll makes an ideal liner for tool chest drawers or file cabinets, and can be cut to make replacement gaskets for use in water pumps, headlights/taillights, and pool skimmers. The closed-cell neoprene is also perfect for use as sound deadening in vehicles, and works well when used to dampen vibrations in recording studio monitors and subwoofer boxes.
  • [VERSATILE USE] The DIY projects sheet is an all-around rubber padding and sealing tool that can be used on weather stripping doors, gaskets and pipes. It is also easy to work with and can be conformed to any size and shape with the use of a pair of scissors or cutter, making it a great tool for cosplays, rubber padding, props, costumes and craft tool.
  • [NON-ABSORBENT] Say goodbye to surfaces that is soaked in odor, oil, moist or other hazardous and unpleasant elements as this neoprene sheet is non-absorbent and weatherproof, which means that it repels dirt, grime, oils and odor even on a heavy-duty and industrial set-up.
  • [100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE] You are protected with our 100% Guarantee for a refund. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you will receive a complete refund if you return the product within 30 days. That’s why we care about only putting out high quality products that satisfies your needs.
  • 10-Pack 6mm Adhesive Rubber Neoprene Square Padding Sheets, 6 x 6 Inches

  • Includes 10 black square adhesive neoprene rubber sheets for multi-purpose use
  • Weatherproof neoprene material
  • Adhesive backing; cut into any shape and size
  • Shock absorbing, use for doors, windows, as furniture padding, cars, toys, electrical, and more
  • 6 x 6 inches, 6mm thickness