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Some Disputable Issues Between Septic & Sewer System by Plumber Orange County

The plumber Orange County will clear your doubt about some septic and sewer system issues. The function of the drainage system is to transfer the wastewater after you flush your toilet or wash your hands. Even the other household works like showers, laundry, washing dishes, etc., also move their water into the same place. There is the involvement of two things, and they handle all of these things: the sewer and septic. Let’s know some unknown facts about these two:

The Facts of Septic and Sewer System

There are many debates and some absurd beliefs about the septic and sewer system to the people. The sewer system is the simple procedure to flush your toilet or wash something and drain the wastewater. There needs no maintenance for it. On the other hand, the septic system is considered environmentally friendly. People think the care of the septic system is costly. For this reason, the property owners believe that maintaining a proper sewer and septic system will increase the resale value of their homes. Let’s learn all the doubts you have in your mind about the costs and selection of the sewer and septic system:

Cost of The Septic Tank and Sewer System

We all know that repairing the septic system can cost money. But we don’t know that the municipal sewer systems will also cost you considerable money. Every homeowner has to pay a certain amount of charge to install, repair, or for a new sewage system. A Sewer Betterment fee has been imposed on the people of many communities. It may go up to five figures. Again, the beginning maybe with a minimum of $15,000. Furthermore, the sewer development cost rises because of the new construction of the pumping stations.

Even some municipalities hold on to the property of the people who do not pay the fees. All the houses of a region may impose the same fees. But in places with less population, the fees are higher there. Because the number of taxpayers in the area is minimal, share the cost. If you already have all the pipes and pumps, too, you will have to pay fees to link them with a system. In addition, there are the usage and maintenance fees. The costs for the sewer system vary in cities. Let’s see the approximate prices in some areas of it:

Cost of The Sewer System

  • Boston:  $840
  • Chandler: $620
  • Danvers: $690
  • Lemoyne: $650

But the cost of pumping the septic system is meager compared to it. You will have to pump your septic system after every 3 to 5 years. It will cost you from $200 to $300 for one-time pumping. It will go well even for a decade or more if you can maintain your septic tank properly. You can choose the concrete or steel septic tank for your residence. The other issue which can affect the price is business related to the sewage system for the improvements of your system. It is an expensive process too. But for the septic systems, you only have to go for minor repairs to make the septic system very durable. The total cost of a healthy septic system will be $3,500 to $6,000. Your expected durability of the septic tanks will depend on the quality of the tank you choose:

  • Concrete tanks: 40 years
  • Steel tanks: 15 to 20 years

The other part of the septic system, the drain, may last up to 20 years with enough maintenance. It can lengthen up to 50 years too.

Your Selection Between the Septic or Sewer System

If you own a property, you don’t have to debate which one you will pick. Because you have already chosen one for your home, but if you live in a place where the people around you use the septic system, you will have to select the septic system, perhaps. People living in remote places like forests, hilltops, and rural areas will only get the septic system there.

Closing Comments

The Orange County plumbing will select the best options for you regarding the septic and sewer system. You may have a reason to pick one for you. But the one should be compatible with the place you are currently living in or thinking of living in. Thus, the sewer and septic system works as a part of the whole system in your residential or commercial property!