Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask Hydration 1 Sheet Microfiber Sheet Egg Yolk Serum Egg White Serum

Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask Hydration 1 Sheet Microfiber Sheet Egg Yolk Serum Egg White Serum

[Too Cool for School] All-in-One Egg Mellow Cream, 5-in-1 Firming Moisturizer, 1.76 oz

  • πŸ’› Egg Mellow Cream is an all-in-one firming/anti-aging moisturizer that serves as a serum, priming moisturizer, neck cream, eye cream, and sleeping mask for plump, supple, resilient, and well-moisturized skin. (50 ml / 1.69 fl. oz)
  • πŸ’› Highly enriched 5-in-1 cream toner, serum, cream, eye cream, mask
  • πŸ’› Niacinamide to drastically improve tone and brightness
  • πŸ’› Ceramides to create a protective barrier on the skin
  • πŸ’› For highly concentrated skincare
  • Too Cool For School Egg-Zyme Whipped Foam, 5.07 Fl Oz

  • πŸ’› Egg-zyme Whipped Foaming Cleanser is a gentle exfoliating cleanser formulated with naturally derived enzymes from egg powders into a rich, creamy cleanser
  • πŸ’› Deeply hydrate skin from the first step in your routine with this whipped foam cleanser
  • πŸ’› Egg yolk and egg white extracts purify and clear pores to help provide a clean canvas for the skin
  • πŸ’› It also features β€˜bubble puzzle technology’ with bouncy and fine bubbles: Like puzzles, fatty acid molecule structures with different lengths are assembled together to provide fine and dense foam, which provides soft and cushiony texture with a low ph
  • πŸ’› Free of parabens, sulfates, artificial color, essential oils and silicone
  • Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask Set -Hydration- 5 sheets, Instant Boost of Hydration and Radiance

  • An ultra-fine microfiber sheet mask drench in egg yolk and egg white serum for an instant boost of radiation and hydration that lasts all day.
  • Good for Dry skin type
  • Solutions for Dryness and Dullness
  • Formulated WITHOUT: Paraben, Sulfate, Mineral Oil.
  • Too Cool For School Egg Remedy Hair Pack, 7.05 oz

  • Protein treatment for damaged hair.
  • Egg hair treatment mask of hydration.
  • Hair Styling Creams
  • Too Cool For School Egg-Ssential Skincare Set

    Too Cool for School - Egg Mousse Soap Facial Cleanser

  • πŸ’› A whipped egg-white mousse cleanser infused with egg yolk extract that gently hydrates, purifies, and replenishes your skin
  • πŸ’› Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • πŸ’› Solutions for: Excess oils, sebum, and enlarged pores
  • πŸ’› Silicone-free; phthalate-free; sulfate-free; paraben-free
  • πŸ’› Can be used as a shaving cream
  • [Too Cool for School] Egg-ssential Skincare Mini Travel Size Set [Includes: Egg-zymn Whipped Foam + Egg Mellow Cream + Egg Mellow Body Butter + Egg Cream Mask Hydration]

  • πŸ’› Essential 4-piece skincare travel-size set
  • πŸ’› Egg-zymn Whipped Foam: A gentle and moisturizing facial cleanser contains lysozyme particles, which is an anti-bacterial enzyme found in egg white extract
  • πŸ’› Egg Mellow Cream: This firming moisturizer works as a serum, priming moisturizer, eye cream, neck cream, and sleeping mask in one
  • πŸ’› Egg Mellow Body Butter: This body butter features egg, butter, and oil in one formula to deliver extremely rich moisture
  • πŸ’› Egg Cream Mask Hydration: This mask features an ultra-soft microfiber sheet drenched in egg extracts, coconut water, niacinamide, and other botanical extracts to deliver ultimate hydration, nourishment, and brightening benefits
  • Too Cool for School - Egg Mellow Body Butter

  • This body butter features egg, butter, and oil in one formula to deliver extremely rich moisture. Egg yolk extract, egg white extract, and shea butter to nourish and hydrate. Seven different moisturizing oilsβ€”including argan tree kernel oil, baobab seed oil, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, jojoba seed oil, apricot kernel oil, and macadamia seed oilβ€”form a protective barrier on skin for lasting moisture retention.
  • Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask Pore Tightening 1 Sheet - Microfiber sheet, Egg white extract, Vinegar, Hydrating

  • Soft microfiber sheet tightly adheres to skin.
  • Helps deliver active ingredients quickly and intensively.
  • Vinegar extract minimize pores and gently treat skin to be more smooth and supple.
  • Too Cool for School Egg Remedy Pack Shampoo - Essential Proteins, for Dry and Damaged Hair